Meet Steve Benton

Steve Benton

I obtained my Concealed Carry Pistol Permit when I was 18 for target shooting and to be able to carry a pistol when I was hunting. I got involved in training when my son was in Boy Scouts and was introduced to NRA Training. I got my NRA Pistol Instructor Certification and was involved in setting up some training courses. Around 2010 I was introduced to the Rochester Defensive Pistol Association shoot on Tuesday nights at the Genesee Conservation League. I was introduced to Dave Jenkins and quickly realized the depth of his skills and knowledge and commitment to Firearm training and safety. I wanted to learn as much as I could and began taking training from RPD. In the process I became a Range Safety Officer for the Tuesday night shoot and also interested in working with RPD to train others on the correct and safe way to handle firearms.


In order to continue to secure our Second Amendment Rights we have to ensure that the people that have and use Firearms are trained in the correct and safe use of them. It is my goal to be in a position to be able to provide this type of training to as many as possible and to keep myself trained to the best of my ability.

Training Experience:

  • 2003. NRA Basic Pistol
  • 2003. NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Rating
  • 2014. NRA Instructor for Home Firearms Safety
  • 2014. NRA Basic Pistol
  • 2014. NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Rating
  • 2014. NRA Instructor for Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • 2015. NRA Range Safety Officer
  • 2015. Range Officer/Instructor First Aid
  • 2015. First Aid/CPR/AED training
  • 2015. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC - Concealed Carry Basics course
  • 2016. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructor Training and Development Program
  • Teaching Experience:

  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • Concealed Carry Basics for Rochester Personal Defense, LLC (assist)
  • Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates Range Officer
  • Community Involvement:

  • 1992-2012 Boy Scouts of America Leader and Trainer
  • 2005-Present Ontario County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Corp Volunteer