Meet Terri M Cooper

Terri M Cooper

Something as much as wanting to safeguard a keepsake in the family was my defining moment. My father encountered a traumatic brain injury that forced the sale of his revolver.  With the support and encouragement of my husband, I obtained my pistol permit, took possession of my future and soon realized my heartfelt interest in target shooting and firearms. From that moment on it was my passion.  I needed and wanted to know all I could about firearms.    

Speaking to other women at firearms shows and spending time at Rod and Gun clubs, I realized there was a large number of women hiding in the shadows as firearm enthusiasts. I want to instill in other women that when you are provided the knowledge on the mechanics and safety of firearms, you may find your natural ability and enjoy the sport as I do.  I want to empower and inspire others by providing training and knowledge as well as share my passion for our second amendment rights with other women.

As a responsible firearms owner, it is important to know that education does not end at the purchase of a firearm or just reading the manual. Education and training are powerful tools and should be a continuous process.  With that said, it is my goal to serve through encouragement and education in making the most meaningful decisions about the firearms sport and safety.

Growing up with twelve brothers and sisters, my parents taught us to prevail and that we have options in life. So having a passion for firearms was never out of the ordinary to me.  With that came my choice to become a firearms instructor. 


First, Never accept limitations.  Choose with knowledge and good principles to move beyond the point in which you think you cannot go with persistence and you will prevail.  Second, never underestimate a threat as they often come unexpectedly.  Engage in continuous education to further your survivor mindset.

Training Experience:

  • 2010. Basic Self Defense Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2013. Defensive Pistol Skills 101 From Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2013. Ladies Only Basic Defensive Handgun from Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2014. NRA Basic Pistol Instructor From Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2014. AWSDA RAAP (Rape Awareness and Prevention) Instructor Certification
  • Teaching Experience:

  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • Community Involvement:

  • Women in Nature Committee Member