Meet Linda Parry

Linda Parry

As a woman - permit holder, shooter and hunter, I have always encouraged others, especially women, to take an interest in their Second Amendment rights - and particularly with understanding guns and gun safety.

It never mattered much to my dad that I was a girl - in his opinion, everything you know how to do for yourself makes you a stronger person - or maybe it mattered more because I am a girl. My grandparents were scout leaders, both of my parents can build or fix anything, and we lived in the country. Resourceful people and all sorts of tools were readily available to me growing up - I developed a deep respect for self-reliance and I'm quite good working with my hands.

I have been a plinker all my life, but time and other demands in life took priority over real firearms training. I took up hunting small and large game about 18 years ago, but my interest in training and disciplined shooting sports didn't begin until my husband joined the United States Practical Shooter Association (USPSA) in 2006. Since then, our club, Pathfinder Fish and Game, has joined the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) organization and I jumped in with both feet right from the beginning. I was among the first team of Safety Officers certified for our club. The mindset and training to be an SO fit me perfectly. 

In 2014 I was invited to assist at a special ladies only day at the range. It was estimated that almost 80 women from ages 14 to 70+. These women came to learn basic firearms safety and to have a chance to shoot, most for the very first time, in a comfortable and safe environment. I was completely moved by the ladies I worked with that day and I earned their trust and also helped them experience something awesome, but the icing on the cake of that day was meeting Dave Jenkins. I worked with Dave and his fine crew of instructors and knew the answer to an idea I had been kicking around for quite awhile - I wanted to be a shooting and safety instructor and have a chance to make a difference for more women.


Keep an open mind and put your hands to work. It is false to say you fear or don't like something you have never tried.


Training Experience:

  • 1995. NYS DEC Hunter Safety
  • 2000. Substitute Teacher Certification
  • 2008. Motorcycle safety, 20 Hour Learn 2 Ride
  • 2013. Basic Shooting and Safety Skills for IDPA
  • 2013. IDPA Safety Officer training
  • 2014. NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor
  • 2014. NRA Basic Pistol with Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
  • 2014. NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • 2014. NRA Certified Instructor for Personal Protection Inside The Home
  • Teaching Experience:

  • (Ongoing) Food Service proper food handling and kitchen safety skills
  • “Ladies Rule the Range” Handgun Safety and training event for women
  • Pathfinder Fish & Game Club new member range safety orientation
  • Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer - Pathfinder Fish & Game Club
  • Secretary - Pathfinder Fish & Game Club
  • Hannibal NY Firemen's Auxiliary Food Service - Hannibal NY Fire Company Field Days