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The companies listed below have partnered with RPD, LLC to affirm an individual’s rights as well as proven that they support the shooting sports and/or personal safety and self defense lifestyle. They have also show dedication in education and the furthering of personal safety and the shooting sports. These companies are dedicated in providing the same level of customer service and satisfaction you get from us. We are privileged to have them as an RPD, LLC Partner and in most cases, as a friend or colleague. When you visit them, feel free to let them know where you heard about them.

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Our Partners

We specialize in guns, ammunition, clay targets, reloading supplies, optics and sporting goods. We will do our best to continue to earn our place as your leading supplier through honesty, large inventories, fair pricing and courteous service.
It is our goal to be very price competitive, to treat our customers with respect, to be knowledgeable concerning our products, and to treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated. Everyone is welcome in our store, whether it is to ask a question, make a modest or major purchase, or to just look around. Please give us a try! Visit Now


Shoots Like A Girl, LLC, was established in 2009 to address the growing need for relevant personal protection education and training for women.  Since then, the organization has expanded to provide a variety of quality training programs  for both men and women alike.  Shoots Like A Girl, LLC, offers firearm training, self defense training, and rape awareness and prevention education in addition to less-lethal alternatives such as pepper spray and collapsible baton. 

Because nothing can prevent you from an encounter with someone who wants to do serious bodily harm to you, being trained to properly deal with a situation can mean the difference between life and death.  All of our training is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to transform your firearm into a useful and effective tool for self protection!  All firearm training (with the exception of the UT Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit class) take place at a live fire range where you will acquire the essential skills in a safe and supportive environment.  For class descriptions and details, please visit us at!