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A little history: I was introduced to FROGLUBE by a couple of fellow shooters and friends I know. They swore by it and really liked how it worked and ran through their guns. I did some asking around and found that a lot of my colleagues in training, competition, high risk jobs, and in the military already knew about this and loved it.

I gave it a test run during my own personal practice and took it on the road with me to some heavy duty training. I was overly impressed with it's performance and ability to keep the gun running. So far, I've used it on the following platforms: Sigs, GLOCKS, ARs, CZ, Ruger, Remington 870, Mossberg 930SPX, and more! People I know have used it and keep asking for more.

A description from their website: FROGLUBE is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from USDA Certified Food-Grade. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity, which enables it to season the metal by absorption deep into the pores. Using FROGLUBE results in a durable dry slick wax-like surface that reduces friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust. FROGLUBE is safe for plastic, urethane, nylon, and wood. FROGLUBE will give your weapon many extended years of service. FROGLUBE will not harm the environment. It can be disposed of without the need for prohibitive HAZMAT controls. Employees will be protected from the affects of working in and around toxic chemicals.

Here is what is available:

Paste Lube:

4-oz Tub 12.00**

8-oz Tub 22.00


Liquid Lube:

4-oz Bottle 18.00 **

8-oz Bottle 30.00


Kits:(Paste, Liquid, Brush and Towel)

4-oz kit 32.00 **

8-oz Kit 42.00


Frog Tube Kits (4oz Paste CLP, 1oz Prototype Liquid CLP, 1oz Spray Solvent, Nylon Cleaning Brush & Microfiber Towel in Reusable Tube)

36.00 each



1-oz Spray 8.00 **

8-oz Spray 24.00



5 8x8 wipes 8.00 **


** = In Stock item


If you'd like any of these shipped to you, it would be 5.00 extra.


Military and LEO discount is 10% off retail.

Email us at  or call 585-406-6758 to order.



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There is no required equipment for this course.

There are no Prerequisites for this course.


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