Basic Self Defense (SD101)

Course Price: $85.00
Course Times: 8 hours
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

In this class, you will learn more about body language, non-verbal communication, and pre-attack indicators. We will also talk about how the predators among us use what is called "Target Selection" in picking a victim, and how to work on minimizing it. Physiological and psychological reactions to an attack will be discussed as well.  Participants will also learn some basic skills to counteract an aggressor's actions.

This class is a co-ed setup meant for both male and female students. If you are looking for a ladies only format, visit the Ladies EQUALIZER course page under 'Ladies Only Training"

Subjects Covered:

Techniques include:

  • Building a "Winning Mindset" (some call it a 'Survivor's Mindset')
  • Movement and positioning in varying situations
  • Learning to counter the most basic and common attacks (wrist grabs, hair pulls, punches, etc)
  • Situational scenarios

  • Required Equipment:
    • Comfortable clothing (jeans or sweats), T shirt or sweatshirt, and sneakers.
    • No high heels, sandals, flip flops, or hard-soled shoes.

    You will be working in close proximity with others, so good grooming and appropriate clothing is appreciated.


    This class is on the low end of being physically demanding. If you have any questions about preexisting injuries or limitations, please contact us before registering.


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    Thanks so much for the course today! It was wonderful. Beforehand, I was afraid the instructors would be macho guys like the ones who taught the hunter safety course I went to. You can imagine how glad I was to find you an encouraging and confidence-boosting person who wasn't about to make fun of me for not knowing something! In fact there are a lot of things I was afraid of before that do not scare me anymore. I think the biggest thing I learned is not so much that I can and should do something in the event that I am attacked, but what some of my options are and confidence. If I had been attacked before this, I would likely have frozen thinking, "I should know what to do! I have to do something or this will be my fault!" but draw a complete blank on workable options. Now I know some options and I am excited about learning and practicing more in the near future. I may never have been attacked, but there have been times that fear and emotional intimidation of others has overpowered me because I was afraid it could become physical. It will not happen again though, because I know I can win if someone does resort to physical methods. You may never know what this has done for me, but THANK YOU!

    - - , NY

    As a woman, it is tough to find someone you trust to teach you the important, sensitive, and personal stuff that you really need to know. Well, I found someone! I attended one of Dave's classes a little while ago as I was worried about getting attacked, mostly where I work. The parking lot is usually empty or dark, and I don't live in the safest of areas either. A friend of mine had attended some classes that Dave had and told me about them. After a lot of pushing from her, I finally went. There were 13 people in the class and 8 of them were women! I thought I was the only one worried about stuff like this. Walking into the classroom was actually the toughest part. Right from the start, Dave and his assistants made me feel comfortable (and not all girly!). There was a lecture part that really opened my eyes and then we all got up and started doing some great movements. I found everything to be easy and I could see where the skills I was learning would really do something. He even had this padded suit that made him look HUGE that I really could just hit hard! He would grab me or get me to do something and I could just wail on him. That was the first time I acutally hit something and felt good about it! I left there feeling a lot better about myself and a lot less worried about going to and from my car, or anywhere else, like shopping or whatever. I have since told all of my friends about Dave and what he teaches. I plan on bringing a couple of my closest friends to his next one and then bugging him to tell me when I can take the next level. Don't think you can pass this up. I was scared and did not know where to go to learn self defense at all. I did not want to learn karate or whatever, I just wanted to know how to take care of myself. I learned it from Dave! He has this saying: "Everyone has the right to defend themselves, what are YOU doing about it?" He means is and he teaches it.

    - A. W. - Webster, NY

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