Self Defense with Pepperspray (SD-P)

Course Price: $45
Course Times: 4hrs
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

Pepperspray can be an effective tool in your goal of personal safety. As with any tool, you must learn how to use it properly to avoid becoming a liability to yourself or others. Do you actually know when you can use pepperspray? Do you really know how? What if you get some in your face, what will you do or how will you react?

This class will not only tell you about the what, when, and how, but you will get to practice with inert sprays to test your skills.  If you want to really learn what pepperspray does, the opportunity to be sprayed with a weaker version of the real thing will be available as well.

This class is great for everyone as you can carry your spray almost anywhere.

Required Equipment:
Protective eyewear

There are no Prerequisites for this course.


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