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Utah/Florida Multi State Carry Permit

Course Price: $See course date
Course Times: 4hrs
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

The Utah/Florida Multi State Carry Permit course is the one you want to attend if you wish to carry concealed in as many states as possible! Get BOTH is one sitting!

Our course will provide you with the correct training, the right way, (No shortcuts or tricks) to assist you in your application process for the permits. Don’t be fooled by others that give you a letter of training and competency when all you do is handle a dummy gun (or less). Florida requires proof of training that is a lot more than just a talk or a dummy gun. Do your research and you won’t get burned down the road.


In this lecture, we will cover the specific laws of each state, firearms safety, mindset, methods for effective carry, de-escalation, basic firearms skills, and more.


Florida requires the following proof of training and competency to apply:  a certificate from an NRA Basic Firearms class, a DD-214 from the military, a certificate from a hunters safety training course, or a letter or certificate issued by a certified instructor stating that you have completed a session that includes live-fire and competency with a handgun.  There are many other options that Florida will accept, but if you want to be sure, contact us by phone or email.


If you have already attended one of our handgun training classes, (NRA Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry Basics, UCPT, CCW-1, CCW-2, CCW-3, etc.) then all you need to do is submit a copy of the certificate from the class.




Once you have obtained your Utah and Florida permits, combined with your New York permit, you will be legal to carry in the following 37 states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, *Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, *New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming (updated October 10, 2018)

*As of October of 2015, The states of Maine and New Hampshire have  passed a law that allows anyone over 21, that can legally carry a handgun, to carry in those states.

Subjects Covered:

Utah Permit:

  • The Utah specific laws, and regulations
  • Your photograph
  • Fingerprint service
  • Pre-addressed envelope


Florida Permit:

  • The Florida specific law sections
  • Fingerprinting services
  • Your photograph
  • Notary stamp and signature
  • Pre-addressed envelope


The Utah permit is renewable every 5 years. Utah's permit application fee: 62.00---The breakdown: 35.00 for the application fee, 20.00 for the Utah background check, and 12.00 to the FBI for their background check. (not included in the cost of the class) Utah's renewal fee is 25.00 via mail and 25.75 via online.

Utah non resident applications received AFTER January 1 will cost 63.25 for the initial application and renewals after January 1, 2019 will be 25.75.

The Florida permit is renewable every 7 years. Florida's permit application fee: 97.00 (not included in the cost of the class) The renewal fee is now 87.00

Required Equipment:




Although we will have copies of the applications at the class, in order to save time on your end, we suggest obtaining the permit packages ahead of time.

You will not need to download the Utah application. We will provide one for you at the class.

You can either download the Florida paperwork OR you can order them by mail from this link: (Click on "CW Download)

If you order the Florida paperwork by mail, allow at least 10 days for the packet to arrive.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER FINGERPRINT CARDS. WE WILL PROVIDE THEM.



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Rochester Personal Defense offers a great training experience from a professional staff for a great value.

- - , NY

Dave, Just a quick note regarding the Utah/Florida training that I attended this past Sunday (12/19/10). Like all other Rochester Personal Defense, LLC courses that I have attended, the course was informative, with the material presented by "high caliber" instructors who clearly take the material and gun safety in general very seriously! Given the current political environment, Rochester Personal Defense, LLC is providing a much needed service. I will continue to use and recommend Rochester Personal Defense, LLC.

- - Rochester, NY

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Upcoming Class Dates:

Depew, NY
February 28th 2019
w/ David S Jenkins

Greene, NY
March 10th 2019
9am to 130pm
w/ David Jenkins

Rochester, NY
March 7th 2019
w/ RPD Utah and NRA Certified Instructors
March 24th 2019
12noon to 4pm
w/ RPD Utah and NRA Certified Instructors
April 13th 2019
8am to 12Noon
w/ RPD Utah and NRA Certified Instructors
April 23rd 2019
w/ RPD Utah and NRA Certified Instructors
May 5th 2019
1pm to 5pm
w/ RPD Utah and NRA Certified Instructors




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