Home Security Assessment

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How secure is your home?  Are your doors, locks, and windows good enough to stop or at least slow down someone trying to break into your home?  Have you thought of a plan for your family in case of an emergency?

During our Home Safety and Security Assessment, we will evaluate all of that and more.

Todays criminals are getting smarter and bolder. We should not have to live in fear of them; but you have to be aware of them, and take steps to minimize your risk and maximize your security.

What we will do is come to your home and evaluate what security setup you have now and see what suggestions we can make to increase your home's security.  Most times, our suggestions are not difficult and are easily done by the average homeowner.  If there are more complex or involved ideas, we can help you locate a reputable contractor or professional to do the work.

Subjects Covered:

At your convenience, we will come to your home and look at such things as:

  • Doors and windows
  • Lock and deadbolts
  • Landscaping and shrubs
  • Security lighting and general interior lighting
  • Fire and Smoke detection
  • Security alarms if installed
  • Storage of valuables and other personal items
  • Safety risks and other hazardous conditions

Required Equipment:
There is no required equipment for this course.

There are no Prerequisites for this course.


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