Handgun Retention for Concealed Carry

Course Price: $85
Course Times:
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins, Ian H. Scott

If you carry a handgun for your personal safety and defense, then at one point or another, you have probably heard the comment: "They'll just take that gun from you and use it against you." 

Although carrying a handgun properly concealed is important, and you may think it's easy, the chances that someone will know you have a gun may be higher than you realize. No matter how hard you try, you will exhibit certain mannerisms and movements that can tell a trained observer or predator that you are carrying a concealed handgun.

In this class, we will talk about the most common 'gun revealing quirks' that people will pick up on.  Once you become aware of these quirks, you will be able to blend easier, be less obvious, and recognize others that will still make the same mistakes you will learn about.  We will also provide skill training to ensure retention of the handgun should a predator try to gain access to it. We will be working on retention from the front, side, and rear. We will also work on the ground as well. After that, you will learn about disarming an attacker should they actually have a gun or obtain yours.

Subjects Covered:

  • Reliable gear for effective concealment
  • Pros and cons of differing holster systems
  • Concealment and access to your handgun
  • Defensive skills to prevent a gun grab from the front, side, and rear
  • Defensive skills to disarm or retrieve a handgun from a predator

Required Equipment:
  • Dummy or inert gun
  • A secure Holster and belt
  • Mouthguard
  • Elbow and knee pads (optional)
  • Comfortable clothing (jeans or sweats)
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt, and sneakers
  • No high heels, sandals, flip flops, or hard-soled shoes


  • You will be working in close proximity with others, so good grooming and appropriate clothing is expected.

This class includes heavy physical activity. If you have any concerns about any pre-existing injuries or conditions, please contact us before registering.


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