Defensive Rifle 1

Course Price: $165.00
Course Times: 8am to 6pm
Course Designer: Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Instructors

A rifle or carbine for personal/home defense can be an awesome and very reliable tool. Knowing how to use it effectively is even better! Including a rifle or carbine system into your personal defense plan is probably one of the best things you can do.

Personal defense with a firearm is a decision that should be made with a clear head and the desire to become as proficient as possible. Using a tool such as a rifle or a carbine requires proper training in order to be efficient and safe. We will teach you all of that and more!

Most people think that a rifle or carbine round will penetrate everything it comes in contact with, but that may not be the case. In this training class, you will learn how rifle and carbine bullets behave and interact with solid objects and barriers such as wall, floors, and other household objects

As always, safety is the primary focus, but we will teach you easy to learn and replicate skills and techniques to be able to handle the rifle or carbine under the stress of a Critical Incident in your home.

All platform types are welcome. You may use a NY compliant semi-auto rifle, bolt action, lever action, pump action, or any rifle of your choice. We will not only teach you how to shoot your rifle, we will teach you how to keep it running and how you can fight and win! The basic motto is to never give up, no matter what the odds.

NOTE: Please review the Required Equipment list below. If you do not have something on the list, contact us before the class. Arriving without the complete list of specified gear will mean that you will not be able to fully participate in the training.

Subjects Covered:

In the Defensive Rifle Tactics class, you will learn:

  • Use of force doctrine related to home defense situations 
  • Equipment selection and accessories
  • The difference between administrative skills and defensive firearms skills
  • Malfunction and stoppage clearing
  • Operation of your rifle in a defensive/combat mindset
  • Defensive accuracy and shooting
  • Proper defensive rifle or carbine stances
  • Skills for shooting multiple targets
  • Shooting from cover or concealment

Required Equipment:

In order to participate fully in this class, you must have:

  • A working, reliable, and zeroed (sighted) semi auto rifle or carbine with a sling (Any action type)
  • Minimum of 300 rounds of quality rifle/carbine ammunition
  • A minimum of 3 magazines or stripper clips (more is ALWAYS better)
  • Secure magazine / clip storage such as a pouch or holder (minimum of 3 on your person at all times)
  • Cleaning or emergency kit for your rifle (lube is mandatory)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A hat with a brim
  • Comfortable range/weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.

  • A US Citizen of good moral and legal character
  • A working knowledge of firearm safety and operation
  • A zeroed rifle (we will not be dialing in during this class)
  • Rifle Basics class or the equivalent training/experience (contact us for details)


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