Handgun Skills n Drills

Course Price: $169.00
Course Times: 9 hours
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

For the graduates of the Concealed Carry 1 class, here's what you've wanted to do:

We will be working on the skills learned in CCW-1. Drawing and shooting faster and more accurately; reloads; malfunctions; etc. The emphasis will be on making those skills even more second-nature and 'tighter': shot-to-shot times; first shot times; and more; breaking down the skills to their subsets and reassembling them to make you faster. With the use of shot timers, you will see the improvement.

There will be very little classroom work. This is a shooters class! Plan on being on the range all day. You will be pushed to deliver more during this class. Expect more of yourself and you will be surprised!!!

Note: As of 4/4/2012, ANY holster that utilizes the index or trigger finger of the shooting hand to disengage a locking device to release the handgun is now disallowed from ANY Rochester Personal Defense, LLC class, training, event, or any function that we host or have involvement with. I am also implementing the same on Tuesday Night’s CCW Shoot. For more information, please visit the following page: http://www.safeinrochester.com/serpa.php or email us.

Subjects Covered:

Required Equipment:
  • A working and reliable defensive firearm
  • A quality, belt-mounted, strong-side holster
  • 350-400 rounds of ammunition
  • 3 magazines or Speedloaders (minimum)
  • A magazine/speedloader pouch/holder
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Weather and range appropriate clothing
  • Water and snacks; your own lunch, if you prefer
  • A hat with a brim

    • Prerequisites:

      Successful completion of the CCW-1 class, the CCW-1R within the past 6 months or equivalent training.

      (contact us for questions)


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      I recently took Dave's Defensive Firearms Skills 1 and 2 class and have to commend Dave, and his staff, on a highly professional, yet easy going and fun training session. Dave and his team presented the information in a clear, easy to understand manner with the intensity needed to make all crucial skill sets known. Defensive firearms skills are not a subject to take light hearted or as a game, and Dave made that point clear. What is unique about Dave is that he can present very serious information in a manner that nails the important points across yet keeps you laughing all day and doesn't make you uncomfortable. For me, a 26 year old female, I was shy at first, and I was hesitant to take the class because I didn't want to be bombarded by people trying to convince me that I should carry my firearm. It has been something I've been considering and this class definitely helped me feel more confident in myself to where, if I would decide to carry, I would know how to properly use my firearm and make it a tool of protection and not harm. Dave makes you comfortable and dose not enforce his views on you, he is there to help you learn what you need to to make the right decision for you and you alone. You can tell he truly cares! I highly recommend this class for anyone person who carries, is considering carrying or is just interested in getting into shooting. Thanks again Dave, this class helped build my self confidence and my shooting skills!

      - Stacy - East Rochester, NY

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