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NY Permit Legalities and Firearm Safety

Course Price: $35-40.00
Course Times: 2 Hours
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

This class is accepted by numerous counties including: Broome, Chenango, Genesee, Herkimer, Monroe, Steuben, and Tioga, as acceptable training to obtain your permit.

If you are going through the process to obtain a permit in New York State (OR you already have one) this is the class for you! Safety is the main goal of the lecture; but you will also learn about the differing laws and regulations regarding your permit, the mindset and attitude that each and every firearms owner should have, safe use and storage of your firearm, and more. 

Even if you already have your NY Permit, you should attend to learn about the laws and mindset regarding owning and carrying your handgun. At the completion of the class, you will be issued a certificate and a letter of completion to submit to the licensing office.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless we have your county listed above, we are not able to guarantee that your county will formally accept this course as a pre-licensing class. That does not mean they won't accept this class, it just means that there is no 'official' acceptance. Call for details.  

Subjects Covered:

  • Reasons why concealed carry exists
  • Safe Storage of firearms
  • Laws and legalities of owning and carrying a handgun
  • The mindset of firearms ownership
  • Reliable equipment for efficient carry

Required Equipment:



Frequently Asked Questions


NY Permit Legalities and Firearm Safety

Q. If I have a NY State pistol permit and I move to another state, is my NY State permit valid?
A. No. NY permits are only valid for NY State residents. Once you establish a residence outside of NY State, you are no longer a resident of NY and thus your permit is no longer valid. You would not be able to legally carry a handgun in NY State.

Q. What class would you suggest for someone that does not yet have a permit or for someone that just got theirs?
A. We always suggest the NY Permit Legalities and Firearm Safety class. It's an easy 3 hour lecture where we talk about getting a permit, keeping a permit, safety, other laws regarding firearms, discretion, gun and gear selection, and more. Even if you have had your permit a long time, you should attend so that you can learn about the laws and other important details.


Hey Dave, I just wanted to say thanks for a great class last night. My wife and dad both thoroughly enjoyed it as well. This class cemented my interest in getting my permit if for no other reason than to take all of your defensive handgun classes. I thought the material and way it was presented was done so in a very professional manner and despite it being a 3 hour lecture, kept me interested and engaged the entire time. I am still on the fence regarding carrying: a personal choice I will need to work out for myself after more training, but I feel as if I'm much better equipped to approach that decision after taking this class. Looking forward to the next class!

- - Rochester, NY

An excellent course! Before you apply for a permit to carry a concealed handgun, wouldn't it be nice to know the power, legal responsibilities, risks and life style changes you're taking on? This program covers it all. It opened my eyes.

- - Rochester, NY

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Upcoming Class Dates:

Baldwinsville, NY
March 29th 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors
April 26th 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors

Greene, NY
March 21st 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors
April 18th 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors
May 16th 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors
June 7th 2015
8am to 11am
w/ Michael H. Chalson and RPD, LLC Instructors

Rochester, NY
March 13th 2015
6pm to 8pm
w/ RPD, LLC Certified Instructors
March 22nd 2015
9am to 11am
w/ RPD, LLC Certified Instructors




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