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Civilian Response to Trauma

Course Price: $60.00
Course Times: 2.5-3hrs
Course Designer: EMS Tactical Group

Our most basic class, which teaches basic skills to stop life threatening bleeding.

In this first level you will learn to use commercial tourniquets, applying direct pressure via both manual method, and utilizing dressings, as well as basic airway management.

This class is geared for everyday incidents, from car accidents, to severe cuts and wounds. Our further series of classes builds upon these fundamental skills, but adds advanced bleeding control methods, additional airway skills, victim movement, identifying both physical and medical threats, surviving an active shooter, plus much, much more.

Subjects Covered:

  • Basic overview of the circulatory system
  • How to stop life threatening bleeding using commercial tourniquets and pressure dressings
  • Basic airway management
  • Victim recovery position.

Required Equipment:



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Upcoming Class Dates:

Rochester, NY
April 30th 2017
9am to 1130am
w/ Brad Senftleben, NREMT-P of EMS Tactical
May 8th 2017
w/ Brad Senftleben, NREMT-P of EMS Tactical
May 23rd 2017
5pm to 8pm
w/ Brad Senftleben, NREMT-P of EMS Tactical
June 5th 2017
w/ Brad Senftleben of EMS Tactical
June 11th 2017
w/ Brad Senftleben, NREMT-P of EMS Tactical




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