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USCCA Instructor Certification Course

Course Price: $See course dates
Course Times: 20hrs
Course Designer: USCCA / David S Jenkins, USCCA Training Counselor

Are YOU ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor? If you are an instructor for the NRA, this can help augment your current certifications. If you are a shooter with a verifiable training history, this may be for you as well!

Please note: This course is NOT designed to make you a better shooter, that’s what a ‘shooting development’ course does. This course is one that will certify you to instruct others in the defensive skills needed to reliable, responsibly, and effectively carry concealed AND skills that will give your students an edge over a violent attacker.

Join the ranks of the professional instructor and you can help teach people to become responsibly armed gun owners. Education is the key to dispelling the myths and untruths that we all face. As a certified instructor, you will have the knowledge and ability to safely teach gun owners about shooting, safe ownership, and safe (and legal) use of a firearm for self defense.

The USCCA Instructor Certification course is approximately one day online and two days in the classroom and includes hands-on breakout sessions and a live-fire exercise. Ownership of the Instructor Toolkit is required. You will also cover the important skills needed to setting up and running your classroom and the range.

Subjects Covered:
Michael Martin, Chief Instructor and author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, will review student materials provided in the Instructor Toolkit, identify important elements within the USCCA curriculum and present tips to maximize the use of multimedia materials. Students will learn common instructor mistakes and how to avoid them, and how to use PowerPoint to integrate the USCCA curriculum into their lessons. The course will also touch upon proper business and financial management.

***How to get involved***

Step one: Join the USCCA as a member. Go to  Enter the code of 6723 to get started.

Step two: You must contact the USCCA at 1-877-577-4800 to purchase your eLearning module and to order your toolkit. Instructor candidates can purchase these together at a discounted price of 250.00. (You will receive your toolkit after completing Step 3, the USCCA Instructor Certification Course.)

Step three: Contact me once you've passed the modules and we'll get you registered for the Instructor Certification course

Step four: Once you have passed the course, you are ready to join the ranks as a USCCA Instructor - Go teach!

Required Equipment:
  • Professional, instructor type clothing. No jeans or any other casual clothing.
  • A notebook
  • Pens and highlighters
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A quality defensive handgun (preferably in 9mm or better)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
  • A quality waist mounted holster, made specifically for your handgun.
  • 10 dummy rounds for your caliber gun
  • Water and snacks
  • Proper footwear and clothing for classroom and range
  • A positive attitude and the desire to become the best instructor possible

  • Membership in the USCCA
  • Successful completion of the online portion
  • Verifiable firearms experience and safe handling


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USCCA Instructor Certification Course Another amazing class delivered with precision and professionalism. Dave and Wendy did a fantastic job with the USCCA instructors training. This is one of the latest courses offered by RPD, LLC and it was executed smoothly with a good mix of classroom and range time in order to drive home the critical skills required to become an instructor with the US Concealed Carry Association. Over the past seven years I have taken a number of courses from RPD, LLC and have never been disappointed. This time I drove 800 miles from Florida to NY to take this class from RPD, LLC. No matter where you live, if you are looking to go to the next level, these are the people you want to see.

- - Cape Coral, FLA

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Upcoming Class Dates:

Avondale, LA
February 23rd & 24th 2019    
w/ David S Jenkins, Wendy Saetta, USCCA TC's

Rochester, NY
April 13th & 14th 2019    
w/ David S Jenkins and Wendy Saetta, USCCA TC's




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