SAFTD Defensive Handgun II Instructor Training

Course Price: $
Course Times: 9hrs
Course Designer: SAFTD Master Instructors

The goal of the SAF Training Division�s Defensive Handgun 2 Course is to provide the student with an opportunity to build upon the foundational skill-set and knowledge base that was acquired in Defensive Handgun 1. This will include a continued focus on the defensive mindset, and the development of marksmanship and gun handling skills needed to safely and effectively carry a concealed handgun for personal self defense.

Students will become adept at working with the handgun from the holster, including drawing safely, efficiently, and quickly, and safely re-holstering. You will learn to shoot quickly but accurately, fire multiple shots with full control and will learn to reload the pistol quickly and efficiently using both speed reloads and emergency reloads. Students will learn to shoot effectively with one hand, using the dominant hand and/or the non-dominant hand. We will work on mental conditioning to prepare the student to effectively deal with a sudden threat to their life or the life of another.

Defensive Handgun 2 is designed to help the student quickly develop essential skills that can help him/her prevail in a real lethal force encounters.

Subjects Covered:

Defensive Handgun 2 consists of a full day of intense classroom & range training and instruction covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Gun safety rules and trigger finger & muzzle discipline
  • The importance of the defensive mindset
  • Review of defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Dry fire & live fire exercises
  • Presentation from a holster
  • Emergency and speed reloads
  • Fighting stance platform
  • Delivering multiple shots efficiently and on target
  • Trigger reset
  • The IALEFI-QP silhouette target
  • Introduction to one-hand only presentation and shooting

Required Equipment:
  • A modern, serviceable, center-fire semi-automatic pistol or double action revolver .38 special or 9mm or above.
  • Ear and eye protection (electronic muffs preferred).
  • Strong side holster - for safety reasons on the range our course will use strong side holsters only! - (no cross draws, shoulder rigs, pocket holsters, ankle, appendix or small of the back carry). Blackhawk SERPA and similar holsters which require the use of the index finger to deactivate a retention device will not be used in SAFTD courses. The only exception is for law enforcement & military who are issued these types of holsters for duty use.
  • No pocket guns or holsters such as Ruger LCP etc. You will be presenting the gun from concealment and re-holstering repeatedly. You need to be proficient at this task and have a holster that does not collapse when the gun is removed.
  • 150 rounds of ammunition: factory fresh ammo only. No reloads or specialty ammo such as RIP ammo etc.
  • Three functional magazines (semi-autos) or speed-loaders (revolvers)
  • Dual magazine carrier optional but highly recommended.
  • Comfortable clothing, knee-pads (optional but recommended).
  • Hydration system or bottled water.
  • Shoes - comfortable with sufficient support to permit a full range of motion. No sandals or flip-flops.
  • Long pants, shirt with higher collar
  • Sturdy belt
  • Baseball cap

  • Successful completion of the SAFTD Range Officer course
  • Successful completion of the SAFTD Methods of Instruction course
  • Successful completion of the SAFTD Defensive Handgun I course
  • Successful completion of the SAFTD Defensive Handgun II course

If you are a current NRA RSO or NRA Training Counselor, you may be able to obtain a waiver for the RO and MOI courses. Ask for details.


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