47 Hour Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards

Course Price: $575.00
Course Times: 47hrs total
Course Designer: NYS DCJS and RPD, LLC Instructors

This is the 47 hour course required by New York State as the first step in obtaining a special armed guard registration card from the New York State Department of State.  To attend the course students must possess a valid pistol license pursuant to NY Penal Law Section 400.00 and a valid NYS security guard registration card.  To successfully complete the course the student must pass a written examination on Article 35 and qualify with a handgun.

Our goal at the Rochester Personal Defense, LLC Security Guard Training Academy is to provide you with the highest quality training possible so that you become a professional and more marketable guard. We know that a minimum standard equals minimum performance, that's why we strive to train you at a higher level of competency.

Once you have completed the 47hr course, you will have to attend and complete the Annual 8 Hour Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards every year. For details, visit this page: http://www.safeinrochester.com/courses.php?id=141

Subjects Covered:

  • NYS Penal Law Article 35 (Use of Force/Deadly Physical Force)
  • Firearms operation
  • Firearms safety
  • Fundamental shooting skills (Grip, stance, sighting, rigger management, etc)
  • Equipment familiarization (holsters, mag pouches, belts, etc)
  • Range qualification

Required Equipment:
  • A valid NYS Pistol Permit
  • A valid NYS Security Guard Registration Card
  • A duty caliber Mid or Full sized Revolver or Semi Auto handgun in good working order
  • At least 3 magazines or speedloaders for your handgun
  • A quality made belt or waist mounted holster as specified by your employer or job description
  • A sturdy gun belt with 'keepers' for reliability
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A hat with a brim
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for the range (duty type uniform is suggested)
  • 800 rounds of factory FMJ or practice ammunition
  • 50 rounds of duty or carry (JHP) ammunition
  • Water, snacks, and a lunch for each day

Successful completion of the 8 Hour Pre Assignment Training Course for Security Guards or a valid NY State Guard Card


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