Reality Based Training 3 (RBT-3)

Course Price: $145.00
Course Times: 4hrs
Course Designer: David S Jenkins, Primary Instructor for Rochester Personal Defense, LLC

If you carry a handgun, are thinking about carrying, or want to see what the reality of carrying one for self defense might involve, then this is the training series you'll want to do!

The Reality Based Training series will immerse you into drills and scenarios that will mimic real life encounters. Training will consist of making a shoot/don't shoot decision, and will also utilize after action discussion to review and learn from the scenario.

Participants will learn about use of force concepts, decision making, movement, cover, and more.

There may be some mild unarmed contact, inert spray, or other training skills involved.

No permit is required - anyone can come train and learn.

Subjects Covered:

  • Safety considerations for RBT courses
  • Review of Use of force continuum and levels
  • Movement tactics and skills
  • One handed operation
  • low light engagements
  • Vehicle scenarios
  • Advanced drills for the CCW-er

Required Equipment:
  • Comfortable, everyday clothing
  • Your concealed carry holster and associated gear (if not, one will be provided)
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves or other hand/finger protection (optional)
  • Full face protection (optional)
  • Extra padded clothing (optional)

RBT-1 and RBT-2 or the equivalent


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