WeeklyTactics and Self Defense Training

Course Price: $45.00
Course Times: 3.5 hrs
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins and RPD, LLC Instructors

Week one: Pepper Spray. Designed to give you an overview of the uses of self defense sprays, this course will teach you how sprays work, and what effects they cause, tips for deployment and use of sprays, and skills to use to de-escalate, deflect, and diffuse a situation before you even have to resort to using your spray.
You'll need the following items to attend:

  • Eye protection
  • Comfortable clothing

Week 2: Low Light Handgun Tactics. This non live fire course will cover flashlight types and modifications, lasers, night sights, and accessories. You'll also learn the proper use of a light and movement to cover, to engage, or escape. You will also learn about handgun/flashlight techniques such as Harries, Chapman, Laser, FBI, etc. and handgun manipulations with a flashlight (grip, position, etc) You'll need to bring the following to this Low Light Handgun Tactics course:
  • A working flashlight (if possible)
  • An unloaded handgun
  • Eye protection

Week 3: Handgun Retention. This course will provide skill training to ensure retention of your handgun should an assailant try to gain access to your handgun. We will be working on retention from the front, side, and rear.Also covers will be some mindset and 'tells' that an assailant may give off before grabbing your gun. A section of better concealed carry will also be included to help you avoid getting 'spotted'. For this course, you'll need the following:

  • A reliable concealment holster and cover garment
  • An unloaded handgun (we also have inert training guns)
  • Comfortable clothing

Week 4: Unarmed Tactics and Skills. This week's course will cover what you can do if unarmed - either by law or situation. Learning that you can defend yourself without a handgun is important. We'll cover the basic frontal, side, and rear attacks and defenses in this session.  For this week's session, you'll want the following:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Soft soled footwear

Subjects Covered:
Variable by course topic

Required Equipment:
Variable by course topic



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