Defensive Folding Knife I

Course Price: $250.00
Course Times: 8am to 6pm
Course Designer: InSights Training Center

In this informative and action-packed one-day self defense class you will learn to deploy and use your folding knife with great skill. The Spyderco Clip-It or similarly styled pocketknife is a superb stand-alone self defense tool and an excellent companion to firearms, pepper spray, and other defensive tools in your family's layered personal protection plan. Most small pocketknives can be carried in any State and in most foreign countries. If you can't have your handgun, have your knife!

Students will use special training knives to "cut" their way out of mock assaults. This course also integrates defensive knife skills with your defensive handgun skills, so wear your carry gear (inert guns will be provided, bring your own if you have one).

This self defense class is highly recommended for women and teenagers, who are the most likely group to encounter grabs, chokes, and holds with the greatest disparity of force during violent assaults. One day of self defense knife training will allow you to be victorious over an opponent with years of street fighting, martial arts, or wrestling training! 

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Subjects Covered:

  • Safety considerations during training and during lethal encounters
  • Equipment selection
  • Carry techniques and grip of the knife
  • Rapid deployment from carry positions
  • Vital and non-vital points of the anatomy
  • Types of slashes and stabs
  • Basic counterattacks and counterattack combinations
  • Escapes from grabs, chokes, and holds
  • Defenses when downed, ground fighting, and grappling with the knife
  • Legalities associated with knife carry and use of deadly force

Required Equipment:
  • Lightweight, comfortable clothing with long sleeves and long pants
  • Court shoes, wrestling shoes, or no shoes.
  • You will be working in close contact with other students, so good grooming is appreciated.

Concealed weapons permit or documentation of good character.


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