Advanced Self Defense (SD301)

Course Price: $85
Course Times:
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

After completing both Basic and Intermediate, you can attend the Advanced class. This is where it gets fun! You will work on more advanced learning in regards to the psychology of criminals and predators, work more on your "Winning Mindset", and more on minimizing your chance of becoming a "Target of Opportunity".

You will learn about the changes your body will go through during an attack. We will also introduce some more tactics as they relate to situations in life. You, as students, will also be asked to suggest situations that the class can think through and plan their own strategies.

Subjects Covered:

Advanced techniques include:

  • Ground fighting
  • Multiple aggressors
  • Variations of attacks, including how to defend against an armed attacker
  • Test yourself with some force in a mock attack against a padded attacker in a  specially designed suit

    • Required Equipment:

      Comfortable clothing (jeans or sweats), T shirt or sweatshirt, and sneakers.

      No high heels, sandals, flip flops, or hard-soled shoes.

      You will be working in close proximity with others, so good grooming and appropriate clothing is appreciated.

      Suggested: Knee/elbow pads and a mouthguard


      Basic and Intermediate Self Defense classes

      This class includes moderate physical activity. If you have any concerns about any pre-existing injuries or conditions, please contact us before registering.


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