Boot Camp Sessions

Course Price: $10/session
Course Times: See listing
Course Designer: Fred Miner of Peregrine Safe and Ready, LLC

Every Monday and Wednesday, this after work class will take the participant to the next level of superior fitness. It will be a high intensity class that will incorporate balance, stability, core strength, and upper body power all, performed at a pace designed to improve cardio fitness as well.

Participants should be prepared to sweat. We will start out with mainly body weight exercises. After a few sessions, we will add in resistance training, cardio kick boxing, and even some "warrior yoga".

Students will also be introduced to plyometrics and the value of "jump training". Minimal equipment is required but a secondary benefit will be learning how to use readily available objects to enhance results.

Newbie or experienced with working out? It does not matter if you think you are not ready or not up to it - yet. This is a 'participate at your level' kind of training. You WILL get stronger. You WILL get better at cardio and strength training. You WILL feel better!

Call it Boot Camp, High intensity Survival Fitness, or Warrior Tough. The results will be lasting and noticeable!!

Subjects Covered:

  • Proper form and movement
  • Balance training
  • Bodyweight strength benefits
  • Flexibility

Required Equipment:
  • Exercise clothing.
  • DRY footwear.
  • Hydration.



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