First Aid For The Firearms Owner

Course Price: $95.00
Course Times: 4-6 hrs
Course Designer: David S Jenkins, Primary Instructor

Being a responsible gun owner doesn't mean just owning a gun and knowing how to do it safely. It also means learning what you can about dealing with emergencies as well. Knowing how to handle yourself in an emergency is important. A calm presence, resulting from the knowledge that you will gain, will help any victims in a situation.

Picking up where First Aid, AED, and CPR left off, this class will expand into the more serious injuries that you may come across as a gun owner. These could range from a cut, a sprain, a broken bone, heat or cold conditions, injuries from ricochets or debris, and even a gunshot wound.

Through live instruction and skill stations, you will become comfortable in applying First Aid treatment to a variety of injuries or conditions. There will also be a short test at the end of the course.

**All of our first aid courses are ECSI (Emergency Care and Safety Institute) certified and are nationally recognized**

Subjects Covered:

  • Basic First Aid kit contents
  • Recognizing an emergency and the initial actions needed
  • Assessing the nature of the injury


  • Additional First Aid Kit contents
  • Firearms safety rules refresher
  • Directing bystanders to speed aid
  • Contacting EMS - How, when, etc
  • Assessment, initial treatment, and stabilization of a Gunshot wound victim
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding) control and dressings.
  • Transport assessment.

Required Equipment:
None, but if you currently have a First Aid Kit, feel free to bring it along.

  • Successful completion of First Aid/CPR/AED or the equivalent certification. (see website or call if you have any questions)(


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