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Concealed Carry 1 (CCW-1)

Course Price: $159.00
Course Times: 9 hours
Course Designer: Dave Jenkins

Dave Jenkins and the instructors of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC have developed the Concealed Carry 1 course to introduce you to the idea of carrying your handgun for self defense and want to start you with the skills necessary.

You will get to practice all of the skills with an unloaded handgun until you are comfortable, then you will get to go live on the range.


Even if you have done other training or shoot a lot, you may want to consider this class to shake the rust off or refine your skills more. You can never practice or train enough.

NOTE: Please review the Required Equipment list below. If you do not have something on the list, contact us before the class. Arriving without the complete list of specified gear will mean that you will not be able to fully participate in the training.

More importantly, this is NOT a basic level course. You MUST have completed
an NRA Basic Pistol class, our Concealed Carry Basics, or the Concealed Carry Basics Refresher within the past 12 months,  or the equivalent training or shooting experience prior to attending this course.

WHY do you require a prerequisite course for this one? Mainly for safety and secondly for the continuity of the skill training and self defense concepts we teach. Safety is highly stressed throughout this course and if your skills are not up to par, you may be a safety risk. This is a 'Level 2' type course. Skipping the important required prerequisite course will mean that you'll either be a bit behind and it will take a bit of work to catch up, you'll always have a missing gap in your training, or the class will have to lag until our instructors can catch you on on the skills that are required to participate in this course.


Note: As of 4/4/2012, ANY holster that utilizes the index or trigger finger of the shooting hand to disengage a locking device to release the handgun is now disallowed from ANY Rochester Personal Defense, LLC class, training, event, or any function that we host or have involvement with. For more information, please visit the following page: or email us.


Subjects Covered:

  • Firearm safety
  • Legalities and justification in self defense (Article 35)
  • Deescalation and disengagement from an encounter
  • Verbal commands
  • Drawing the handgun effectively and safely
  • Trigger control and manipulation
  • Malfunctions and stoppage clearing
  • Tactical vs combat reloading
  • Movement and shooting while moving

    • Required Equipment:
      • Eye and ear protection
      • A working, reliable, defensive-oriented firearm (Must be listed on your NY Permit)
      • 200 rounds of ammunition
      • 3 magazines or speedloaders with holders
      • A quality, strong-side, belt-mounted type holster (NO shoulder holsters)
      • A sturdy belt to hold your holster and magazine pouch 
      • Comfortable footwear and clothing

      • A valid NY State Pistol Permit
      • NRA Basic Pistol class, Concealed Carry Basics, or the Concealed Carry Basics Refresher within the past 6 months or the equivalent training or shooting experience (call for questions or details). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE

      You MUST be comfortable with your firearm. Do not bring one that you have not practiced with.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Defensive Pistol Skills 101 (DPS101)

      Q. Do I have to complete the NRA Basic Pistol before attending the DPS 101 class?
      A. Although the NRA Basic Pistol is our preferred prerequisite, any other similar training and education would work. What we are looking for is that you can operate your handgun competently, are familiar and can demonstrate the Fundamental Firearm Safety Rules. (Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Never point your firearm at anything you are not willing to shoot. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have decided to fire.)

      Q. Do I need to have my own handgun to attend?
      A. Yes. We advocate training on the equipment that you would eventually carry and use, so it is a good idea to have the proper gear, such as a well made handgun, a quality holster, at least 1 spare magazine, and a good belt to support your carry gear.


      I took DPS-101 yesterday from Dave Jenkins' Rochester Personal Defense school. The training took place over at the Genesee Conservation League facility in Rochester, NY. Let me tell you folks something... this is the best money that you can spend. Dave and his team of instructors did a terrific job.

      You are getting top flight training with a very low student to instructor ratio assuring that every mistake in technique will be identified and addressed by someone who has professional training. That is worth its weight in gold. You simply can't know what you are doing wrong alone. You need outside help.

      Another thing is you can't learn a motor skill from books or online. You have to actually DO IT. And the DPS-101 class has you DOING things that you may not even be able to do anywhere else.

      They start you with normal in class learning about techniques, the law, and other interesting things. I won't give away all that they teach. You have to sign up to find out. They use a building block system and start from simple things getting more and more complex as you go along.

      By the end of the day you will be, in a single sequence, identifying a threat, moving, barking loud verbal commands, drawing your gun, barking more verbal commands, aiming, firing, clearing malfunctions, moving, scanning, barking commands, firing, moving, scanning, doing tactical reload, barking commands, moving, firing, scanning, tactical reload, moving, scanning, reholstering. <---- I did exactly that in one fairly smooth set of events during one training exercise.

      Now if you think you can DO that by reading about it you are a heck of a lot better than I am. I can't. I had to be trained step by step and go through dozens of mistakes with one of the 4 instructors jumping in and stopping me to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. These skills can only be learned through actual experience.

      There are other excellent schools and instructors. But you won't find many better than these guys and gals. And you certainly won't find a better VALUE for your training dollar. If there other courses are like this one, folks in the Rochester area have an INVALUABLE resource. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it... or maybe one day it won't be there. I can guarantee you that I will take advantage of it. I only wish we had something like this in Buffalo. But for now this is at least 150 mile training. Because I will travel over 150 miles to get more!!

      PS... This message was not compensated or in any way solicited by Dave or his team. It is my personal opinion and my praise is offered because it was earned.

      - Breanne Corbett - Buffalo, NY

      I recently took Dave's Defensive Firearms Skills 1 and 2 class and have to commend Dave, and his staff, on a highly professional, yet easy going and fun training session. Dave and his team presented the information in a clear, easy to understand manner with the intensity needed to make all crucial skill sets known. Defensive firearms skills are not a subject to take light hearted or as a game, and Dave made that point clear. What is unique about Dave is that he can present very serious information in a manner that nails the important points across yet keeps you laughing all day and doesn't make you uncomfortable. For me, a 26 year old female, I was shy at first, and I was hesitant to take the class because I didn't want to be bombarded by people trying to convince me that I should carry my firearm. It has been something I've been considering and this class definitely helped me feel more confident in myself to where, if I would decide to carry, I would know how to properly use my firearm and make it a tool of protection and not harm. Dave makes you comfortable and dose not enforce his views on you, he is there to help you learn what you need to to make the right decision for you and you alone. You can tell he truly cares! I highly recommend this class for anyone person who carries, is considering carrying or is just interested in getting into shooting. Thanks again Dave, this class helped build my self confidence and my shooting skills!

      - Stacy - East Rochester, NY

      Cancellation/Refund Policy
      Upcoming Class Dates:

      Canandaigua, NY
      November 3rd 2018
      8am to 5pm
      w/ RPD, LLC Staff Instructors
      March 23rd 2019
      w/ RPD,LLC Certified Instructors

      Ontario, NY
      November 9th 2018
      w/ RPD,LLC Certified Instructors
      December 2nd 2018
      w/ RPD,LLC Certified Instructors
      April 7th 2019
      9am to 5pm
      w/ RPD,LLC Certified Instructors




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